How to know which outdoor water filter is good or bad.


How to know which outdoor water filter is good or bad.


We all know how important it is to have access to clean, fresh water for our health and well-being, and filtering our water guarantees that we do. Most water filters eliminate hazardous chemicals and germs that, if swallowed, can cause diseases and other health problems. When opposed to buying bottled water, filtered water has several other advantages, including a better taste and is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. This article can assist you in determining your requirements for the best outdoor water filter.


 Guidance :

1.   Type of Outdoor Water Filter

To have the perfect outdoor water filter for your home is not depending only on the brand. But what kind of technology they are used. There are 3 types of outdoor water filter technology, which are Sand filter, Canvas filter and Membrane filter.

Sand Filter

Canvas Filter

Membrane Filter


The history of Sand Filter is more than 50 years.

Contains rough & fine sand





Middle technology



Latest technology

Micron size around 11

Only capable of filtering the size of a single hair



Micron size is around 10

Slightly better filtration than Sand filter.

Micron size is around 0.01

Far better than those 2 filters, 1,000 times.

Can’t filter water after disruption of water supply

No way to clean Canvas filter using the flushing and backwash method

No disruption during shortage of water

Take up to 15 minutes to flushing & backwash

Need to call for maintenance service_high cost of service

Super easy maintenance. Only 30 seconds of flushing with just 1 key.

2.  Specifications

Make sure you get a good one. Select a water filter that is made of high-quality filter media. Neither too pricey nor too inexpensive. Purchasing a low-cost Outdoor Water Filter will put you at risk in terms of service and spare components later on. For example, the more the filtration, is better, such as 5 stages of filtration for Sand filter. The best material used is fully stainless steel of 304 with thickness of 1.5mm.


Some of the outdoor water filter in the market are cheap because the material used and the filter system and the thickness of the steel matters. The thicker the better. For the best outdoor water filter in Malaysia of Sand filter, I would suggest all the reader to look for the features of the filter system that uses Filter Media & Function of Multi Media POE Filter System. Moreover, I would suggest the best outdoor water filter will used,

       I.          Zeolite Plus (0.45mm) (Australia)* - Zeolite has a peculiar crystalline structure that decreases chlorine taste and odour while also removing suspended particles, soluble heavy metals, and soluble ammonium with better absorption power. Some of Zeolite are made from China.


     II.          Anthracite (AN) (USA)  - Particles, colloidal contaminants, suspended solids, and iron and manganese can all be removed using anthracite absorption and high precision. The major purpose of carbon is to trap the sediments.



   III.          Silica Sand (0.45mm) - The surface of fine silicon sand traps even more very fine silt.


   IV.          Silica Sand (1.2mm) - Removes filth and helps to prevent infections including typhoid, cholera, bifida, and amoeba.



    V.          Due to its high density, hardness, and toughness, silica sand (2.4mm) is the best choice for home and industrial water filtration. It removes particles, sediments, muck, and suspended solids from water effectively.

3. Brand

In general, consumer only choose branded products that fit within a particular price range. This removes any things that are generic or won't last long. So, it is important as a consumer to take notes on the technology also used the reputation of their brands. Here are some honest review regarding water filter outdoor Malaysia.


As a producer, it is important to build trust by having a good brand reputation and as a consumer, it is important to research in details about the brand’s reputation before purchase.


Aqua Kent Malaysia, one of the trusted water filter brands in Malaysia has been established more than a decade, with multiple domestic and international certifications. 

 4.  Filtration process

The filtering process is crucial since it decides how clean the water will be for washing and cooking. As we all know, the more filtration, the cleanest and purer the water it is.


One of the best Sand Filter of outdoor water filters that I would suggest, has 5 stages of filtration as below,

An outdoor water filter that is both durable and dependable. Its body is composed of SUS 304 Stainless Steel, which provides external and internal durability. Some stainless steel is expensive and the thickness of the steel matters. The thicker the better. The inbuilt multimedia filtration system filters your water through a pressure filter vessel that uses more than three different mediums to guarantee that it is as clean and pure as possible.


If you preferred to have a membrane filter, we could suggest you look for Ultrafiltration (UF) technology that can filter out particles as small as 0.01 microns, such as bacteria, viruses, and colloids, fulfilling increasingly severe water quality regulations and ensuring stable, consistent water quality.


Also, if offers benefits to the reverse osmosis system. Pretreatment chemicals (polymer, coagulant, pH correction) are not used, which saves money on sludge disposal. When used as reverse osmosis (RO) pre-treatment, UF aids in the reduction of fouling of RO membranes, resulting in fewer chemical cleaning frequencies and, as a result, lower operating costs and downtime.


Maintenance. How it work?

3 step :

1)     BACKWASH - Select backwash mode on the MPV. This allows the system's interior sediments to be flushed out. It will just take you 5-10 minutes for sand filter, and only few seconds for Membrane filter.


2)     RINSE - Finally, set the MPV to rinse mode. This guarantees that the water through a second filtration process, lasting 5-10 minutes, to make it safe and clean for consumption.



3)     FILTER - The last filtering operation completes the entire backwash process. Once this is completed, the system will be as good as new. The water will be clean and safe to drink.


Check out the video below to see how to wash the filter and how to backwash it so that all the dirt from the filter is pushed out and the water in our house is always clean and safe.

5. Payment plan & Distribution

There are 2 type of payment plan, rental, and outright purchase by cash.

·        Rental - The length of the contract will determine this. On average, there are months available ranging from 18 to 60 months.


·        Purchase in full for cash - A cash purchase offers the advantage of retaining our ownership of the thing, and cash prices are often lower than installment pricing. Buyers who make cash purchases will also receive Special Gifts or enticing bonuses.



Customers need to be aware of MLM system among distributors or seller. Most of them practice MLM system in their buy and selling process. If impossible, please avoid it even though it seems like a low amount of installment but there is a much higher hidden cost. Purchase in full cash would be much cheaper and the customer will deal with a direct distributor.


Aqua Kent provides us with purchases in full cash, with no MLM system in their selling & buying process, also only direct distributors will serve the best for the customer.


6. Aftersales Service

Most of the customers will concerned on after-sales service. They are particular on warranty, the installation also the services. There are many resellers or distributors selling through another platform such as shopee, Lazada and etc. As a customer, it is super important to make known all the aftersales services also the agreement, for future good. 


A warranty on a product indicates its quality and is essential if it breaks down over time. As a result, we took this into consideration as well. For Aqua Kent, Sand filter outdoor water filter AQ1050 they provide us 10 years of warranty. While for Membrane filter AQ1000 provides 10 years warranty on the vessel. That is why Aqua Kent can build their customer trust. Here is the review, 


When we talk about aftersales service, it related to the maintenance. As a customer, we need to understand the maintenance need to do. Some filters can be left alone for a year without requiring any maintenance. Others require the carbon cartridge to be updated monthly. Water filters that don't require a lot of maintenance are more expensive up front. Installing those that require periodic maintenance is less expensive, but they can end up costing more in the long run. Here is the estimated maintenance for Aqua Kent outdoor AQ1050.

Which product do I prefer?


The latest technology at a reasonable price. Easy maintenance. 10 years warranty on the vessel, good aftersales service also provide outright purchase by cash. Product from trusted brand. 

Here are the specifications of AQ1000 :

  • Size of Vessel (Inches): 40.5″ X 4.5″
  • Valve Capacity: 3/4″
  • Type of Filtration Media: Hollow Fibre UF Membrane 0.01 µm High Removal Capability Of Bacteria, Viruses, Colloids And Silt, Thereby Producing High-Quality Pure Water.
  • Flow Rate: 4000 L / H
  • Material: Shell: Stainless Steel 304, Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Membrane: Polyacrylonitrile (Pan): Good Mechanical Strength Pressure Resistance Compared to Pes / Pvdf material.
  • Max Working Pressure: 0.1 - 0.40 MPa ( 1 - 4 bar )
  • Flushing/Cleaning Valve: Auto & Manual
  • Battery Operated: 9V, Digital Function, Max. 4x Auto Cleaning Option, 7days Selection Cleaning Option, Cleaning Duration Option
  • Ideal For: Laundry, Bathing, Cooking, Cleansing, Drinking and Much More
  • Warranty: 10 Years on Vessel
  • Price : RM1,100


Why Aqua Kent Outdoor Water Filter?

·        When it comes to water filters, we're the experts with the most options.

·        Serving the Malaysian people for over 20 years.

·        Strive for greatness while maintaining a high level of quality and after-sales support.

·        It's built to last and doesn't require as much maintenance as other products, saving you money.

·        This is an excellent alternative for both household and business water treatment.

·        It's simple to use, maintain, and the quality is guaranteed.

·        Always be available to service our many loyal customers who have been with us for many years.

·        Our skilled engineers will complete the installation for you.


To find out more outdoor water filter from Aqua Kent, you may click here. They serve you for all technologies listed above. 

About Aqua Kent

Aqua Kent RO Malaysia is one of Malaysia's most popular and reliable water filters and purifiers. They create filtered water using a groundbreaking purification technology known as KENT's Mineral ROTM Technology, which is trusted by Malaysian clients.

They're committed to providing the greatest client experience, as well as high-quality products such as outdoor filters, water purifiers, water dispensers, air purifiers, and vegetable and fruit purifiers.


Aqua Kent Whole House outdoor water is the Best Outdoor water filter Malaysia that provide filtration system to purify the tap water supply to your entire home, ensuring that filtered water is available at all your taps.

It will reduce the contaminants in your tap water that you don't want while preserving the qualities you do want, such as clean, soft, and pure water.


Take advantage of clean, fresh water throughout your entire home! Purified filtered water can be used to bathe, shower, brush your teeth, and even wash your clothing.

The following contaminants are removed by our Whole House Outdoor Water Filtration System:

• Chlorine and scents that are unpleasant.

• By-products of chlorination.

• Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters, Organic Matters,

• Rust is a problem.




Written by Nur Fatin Aqilah


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